Pool League Rules

1. Rack the balls tightly with the top ball of the rack on the foot spot (white dot)
2. Ball order should be as shown in the diagram with the black ball in the middle of the third row, place the white ball anywhere behind the service line
3. Coin toss to decide who gets the break first then take turns
4. A legal break must hit the balls; four balls must hit the cushions. The cue ball must not be pocketed, the game is over if the black is pocketed on the break.
5. The first player to pot an object ball will continue to pot those balls (stripes or Solids/Reds or Yellows)
6. A player will continue to make shots until they foul or fail to pot a ball, then it is the next players turn.
7. If a player commits a foul, it is the next players turn and they have 2 shots, the cue ball must be placed behind the service line or within the D
8. Failure to hit you own chosen object ball results in a foul.
9. Hitting the cue ball off the table is a foul.
10. Potting one of your opponent’s balls is a foul.
11. Hitting the cue ball twice is a foul.
12. Pushing the cue ball rather than striking a foul is committed.
13. If a player takes a shot out of turn commits a foul.
14. Once all of the players balls are potted, they must sink the 8 ball (black) any pocket is valid and play continues until the 8 ball is pocketed.
15. If a foul is committed 2 shots are carried on to the 8 ball

How to Rack up for Pool

El Cortijo League Points

Points will be awarded as follows : 1 Point for Attending your Match, 1 Point for winning a game, 1 Bonus Point for a 7 Ball Win.

We look forward to seeing you there!